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Tue Nov 15, 2016, 1:50 AM by AdlezAxel:iconadlezaxel:

welcome to my deviantart

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Hi guys! If you have instagram you can participate in my art raffle over AdlezAxel (on IG). I'll make a similar hosting here on dA but only with one prize for starters :3 I will let you know when I'm uploading it <3
Thank you all for being so patient with me about the Enderfell comic. I must be the slowest comic updater EVER XD; I always plan to draw the pages in certain days in the week but for some reason I've been extremely tired for several months and each time I end up going to bed instead ._. I just wanted to thank you ^^ I still treasure you and this story and I can't even express how excited I am to see your reaction to the ending.
Aaaah ~ This past weekend I attended J-Popcon. I was in the artist alley and BOY was I nervous. I have been in ONE artist alley before and then I only did commissions and didn't bring any prints or merchandise. This year I upped my game and made a shit ton (pardon my French) of art to bring! I had prints and stickers with me (mainly Overwatch and Zelda related but also some original art) and I gotta say...........WOW.............guys..... I went home with ONE sticker and ONE A5 print. The rest was RIPPED from my table (especially the Overwatch stuff).
I wish I could thank everyone once again who stopped by my table, looking at my stuff, buying stuff or ordering commissions. I wish I could thank you all again ^^
I now have a backlog of people who wanted to commission me after the convention and as soon as I'm done with that - I'll open a few commission slots here online too :3
Now I gotta relax a few days before getting back to commissions, comic, etc. I hope you are all well Beating Heart Emote (Free to Use) I'll see you soon ^^
Hiya my dear followers!
If you haven't already seen, I've uploaded 3 new Enderfell pages ^.^ I'm finally at it again. I'm so excitedto show you all the rest of the story - I've had quite some time to prepare the new chapter and the ending ;P
As I mentioned on one of the pages, I don't have a strict uploade schedule since I have an Artist Alley to prepare for and commissions to do but I will TRY to upload twice a week (around Sunday and Wednesday). I hope you will like all the pages to come despite the cut in time I now spend on each page.
Thank you for hanging in there :heart:
Sorry for the silence - I've had 3 major deadlines at work for the past month (still 1 left) and I'm too tired to do anything when I get home XD I got a table for J-Popcon's artist alley this April so when I draw I usually prepare for that! Will share stuff soon <3


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Zelda206 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so very much for supporting
{Brazier of Heroes} - {Prologue}

I'll make sure to email you as soon as each chapter is released! As to when I get on Chapter One, I can't really say, but probably in a little while. I still have other stories to work on!
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Thx for the3D Llama Badge 
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Sorry i know this is late, thank you for the llama badge! I apologize for my lateness
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I'm always extremely late as well XD no worries :lovesquee: 
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